Monday, February 9, 2009

Life as a Waiting Game

Lately, my life has been about waiting. I have three women who are due most anytime. They are all three expecting their 4th babies. I love each one of these women and am looking forward to their births. I am actually at one of their homes right now. She is in labor, but it is going a little slowly. Sometime today for sure.
This past weekend, I was in waiting mode, but still did a lot of things. On Friday evening, my son and husband and I went to Galveston to a dinner for boys who have earned their Eagle Scout award. Governor Rick Perry was the main speaker. We are very proud of Bonham and I think he is proud of himself. I wish all boys could be in Scouts. It has been a great experience for our boys. On Saturday, I went to three different places looking for carpet for Bonham's room. During Hurricane Ike, his room got flooded and the carpet got ruined. We are just now getting new carpet. We've been trying to get our insurance to pay, but finally gave up on that and are fixing stuff on our own. We are anxious to get his room cleaned up again. On Saturday evening, my husband and I went back to Galveston for a play at the Grand 1894 Opera House. It was Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain. It was good. Yesterday, I went to church and then came home and took a long nap. Last night, I got my kitchen very clean. Now I am ready for these babies to be born.


Evelyn said...

Oh wow, midwives must have to wait ALOT! Unless the woman has quick labors and deliveries. Nice to read up on you and see how your doing! I should have emailed by now, but life has been rather busy and hectic, hopefully not too hectic for #3 on the way. Oh, and Happy New Year to you! (I know I'm late!)

Evelyn Smith

Wendy Holley said...

Hi Jackie! I hope the birth yesterday went well and that you are able to get some rest before I go into labor! I am anxiously awaiting contractions and am very, very ready for this baby to be here. I have definitely passed the point where I'm super concerned about being 100% ready...just want baby to come! :-) Thank you for all you do and we look forward to spending this special time with you.

The Paynes said...

Hi Jackie, so excited to be reading your blog! Jim and I once went on a date to that same theater in Galveston and it was such a nice night.

We've had a blog ourselves for 3 or so years ( We enjoy sharing our lives with our family who are far away. You are welcome to read it if you ever find yourself "waiting" again... :)

Danaly Payne