Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of February

Well, February, 2009, is over. I'm getting ready to go to bed and thinking about what I did this month. Helped with 5 sweet babies, and all with no major problems! One of the best things I did was go to see my mom in Amarillo. She is so old and frail-it's hard to see her like that, but I'm so glad I could go and be with her for a few days. She is in a nursing home in a little town called Canyon near Amarillo. I flew up there and drove back. I went through Austin on the way home and went to Lobby Day at the Capitol. That was a good experience- I'll write another post about that.
I started exercising again after a long break. I am starting to feel stronger. I can't always exercise every day, but I try to do something most days. The 3 things I like to do most are an exercise video I do at home, go to the YMCA, or just walk for 30-45 minutes.
I got a new room set up at the Birth Center. That is a big accomplishment! It's good in case we had two babies at the same time there. We got some new carpet in Bonham's room at home. That was one of the casualties of the hurricane. Moved a bunch of furniture around at home.
At the office, I got all the charts from 2008 audited and put away. That is MAJOR! Wrote a letter in response to my inspection from the Department of Health.
Anson is doing well and getting completely over the surgery he had in December. He gained about 5 more pounds this month. I'm happy about that.
I didn't think I did much this month, but now that I write it all down, I got more done than I thought.
One sad thing is that I had to cancel the Annual Reunion I had planned for February 15th. Just have to try again for that.

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