Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tired tonight

I'm really tired tonight and fixing to go to bed. I was up all night last night, but got to sleep this morning between 8-10 am. It was my privilege to help bring two new baby girls into the world today. I was torn between Katy and Pasadena at 1 am this morning. Luckily, Camellia and Dena were able to stay at the birth center while I went to Katy. (See the other blog for more details).
Even when I'm tired, I am happy to be a midwife and feel lucky to get the work. This Saturday is the annual Birth Fair. I am looking forward to it to see all my midwife and childbirth friends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Birth Story from 19 years ago

Today is my son, Bonham's 19th birthday. He is my 4th son and my 2nd homebirth Even after all these years, I still remember and relive all the things that happened on the day of his birth. Maybe some of you have seen the birth pictures I have in a framed picture at the office. He is the one that is born in that picture. I don't have it hung up anywhere because I have always been afraid it would be embarrassing to him. They are pretty graphic pictures. Here is a short summary of my birth story with him.
I was 2 weeks overdue (it wasn't such a big deal to be 2 weeks over in 1990). I went to church that morning and felt uncomfortable, but not in labor. That afternoon, about 4 pm, I was laying on the couch taking a nap, and I felt my water start leaking. It gradually flowed out but it was several hours before I started having any contractions. Once contractions started, about 8 pm, it got going strong. My midwife came over about 11pm. I was working for her as an assistant at the time. By the time she got there, I couldn't talk much. I was in deep labor. It was completely normal with no problems. Contractions just got stronger and stronger and then I had an urge to push, and shortly, he was born. I ended up on the floor kneeling up against my bed. He was born at 12:45 am. My husband really thought it was a girl, but it wasn't. I was delighted with him from the moment I saw him. He was my biggest baby (9lb10oz), but the easiest one to get out. That proved to me that the baby being in a good position is the most important thing about how they come out. I had a friend there (MiMi Sellers) who took lots of pictures and then later, I made them into a collage.
So today, 19 years later, he wanted to go to Hermann Park and go walking and he wanted a pumpkin pie. So that is what we did. Thanks to all of you who are close to having your babies for letting me have a good day with my son.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Birth Videos

You Tube has changed everything. Things are changing so fast, it's hard to keep up with. I've seen so many good birth videos at this conference I am attending.
Here are some links:

ACOG wants failed homebirth stories

I put a link to this out on e-mail and boy did I get a big response!!! A few of my clients who acted quickly and were able to get their story in. But ACOG got bombarded with thousands of stories of good home births and from women all across the United States and they took their request down. Now they made it where only doctors who are members of ACOG can enter bad home birth stories. I'm sad that they want to collect these kind of stories. Midwives could start a website about failed hospital births. I'm glad to see there is so much grassroots support for home birth.

On Vacation

Summer's over, but I am getting one last little vacation before autumn comes. I'm in Savannah, Georgia for a midwife conference, and I'm loving being here. It's a beautiful place and many of you know I love history and architecture, so this is a great place for me. I've never been here before. I think vacations are important for my mental health. It helps me to be with other midwives and birth people to keep my enthusiasm going. I have more time to be on the computer than I usually do. I started a new Facebook page for the birth center. I'm also working on my sick website. I've been doing a lot of reading and walking and tomorrow I'm going to rent a bike and ride around town.
I also got to go on two other short vacations this summer. We went to South Padre Island for a few days. That was where my boys wanted to go in honor of Bonham's high school graduation. We also went to Austin for two days to see my sister. We went swimming at Barton Springs and ate at several good restaurants. Austin is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I love to go to Book People. I love to read.
We have lots of babies due at the birth center and at home in the fall. I will be a much happier midwife because of a little time off.