Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspection at the Birth Center

I'm sitting in my quiet home getting ready to go out for the day. It's cold out there. I see ice on the cars. I'm listening to the radio and disheartened to hear that the bickering between politicians goes on and on.
January has been a slow month for me as far as delivering babies. Only three sweet babies born that I helped with, and they were all early in the month. The past week, I've been consumed with having an inspection by the Department of Health at the birth center. They come once a year to see what goes on there. The woman that comes looks at my charts, looks at my policy books, and asks a lot of questions. Her general attitude toward me is critical and it is stressful. I know she has the power of life and death over my practice of midwifery.
Luckily, I had some warning that she was coming. She showed up last week and I was not there. She called me on my cell phone and asked where I was. I was at a class renewing my Neonatal Resuscitation certification. When she found out where I was, it seemed like she was aggravated, but said she would come back another day. That was a blessing to have some time to get things clean and organized. I felt prepared when she got there on Monday morning. She stayed all day Monday and Tuesday. I don't blame her- I know she is doing what she is hired to do. It just seems like the State is not supportive of something like my birth center where we have generally good outcomes and happy moms and babies.
It is a good thing to get my paperwork cleaned up and organized here at the beginning of the year. Anyone who knows me, knows I tend to be a bit of a pack rat. I have so many things in my life I want to do. It's hard to fit it all in. I went to a seminar recently about giving presentations. I would like to talk to more people about midwifery. I got a lot of good ideas about how to do it. The guy giving the presentation, Edward Tufte, hates power point. I never thought about it much, but he showed how to make something much better.
I am making a quilt. Last year, I saw a beautiful quilt at a shop and took a class to make it. All I did was buy some material and make the first square. So I am taking the class again this year to actually get it made. I have always loved to sew, but sometimes I've gone for years without sewing at all. I am going to try to keep a quilt going from now on. There are so many beautiful patterns to make.


Anonymous said...

Praise God that you had some notice before the inspection! I wish that more people knew how important midwifery is. We pray for you and the birth center:-)
Cathy Miller

Tim Jones said...

Jackie, I did a bunch of research on presentations last year when I spoke at a conference. Even though my presentation was technology-related, most of the books I read were not. Check out the blog post I wrote for my reviews of these books and summary of what I learned. Very interesting.

I enjoy your posts. Keep them up and see you soon,

Penni said...

As a nurse I have had an inspector stay right on my elbow intently watching everything I do and it was extremely nerve-wracking. I can't imagine what it must be like to be at the helm of a days-long inspection!!! Calgon, take me away! Your midwifery practice has blessed so very many of us, Jackie. We love you and know the Lord will continue to bless you. Reed is now 7-years-old and I am positive her calm birth contributed to her joyous nature.

Anonymous said...

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