Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Sad Week- Our Dog Died

Another thing that happened that has nothing to do with delivering babies, but a lot to do with the life of a midwife. Our little, sheltie, Pup-Pup died a few days ago and I have been so sad all week. We had only had him for a few months, but were very attached to him. He just showed up at our house last summer and we kept him. We took him to our vet to see if he had a chip so that we could find his previous owners. He didn't have a chip, but the vet told us he had heart worms. We had him treated- which was kind of expensive- and we thought he was going to be ok.
A few nights ago, he started coughing and having trouble breathing. We knew he was going to die. He struggled to breathe all night and died early the next morning. The vet had warned us that might happen, but we had started thinking he was going to be ok.
The death of a pet or anyone in your family is very sad and that is how I have been feeling this past week.

Waiting for a Mission Call

My son, Bonham, is 19 and he is getting ready to go on a mission for our church. We are waiting for a letter to tell us where he will be assigned. He sent an application in early November and we are expecting the letter any day now. He has been checking the mail every day. I think it will be a Spanish speaking country because he can already speak Spanish very well. He thinks it will be Russia. I know this doesn't have anything to do with delivering babies, but it has a lot to do with the life of this midwife. I will let you all know soon where he will be going.

An Old Friend Found Me!

My best friend, Candy, from junior high found me on Facebook. It has been so much fun to reconnect with her. I haven't seen her in about 30 years and I haven't talked to her in about 15 years. She knew I had 5 sons and she knew I was a midwife, but there are so many things to catch up on. She lives in California now. We went to school together in Amarillo, Texas in the 70's. This is one of those neat things that happens in life that is priceless and no amount of money could buy.

A crazy night of Birthing- 3 Babies in one hour!

November 10th and 11th are days I'll never forget. Three babies born- one a week overdue, one a week early, and one right on time all within 30 minutes of each other! I've never had anything like this before and hope it never happens again, but it all turned out fine. Here are how things went from the midwife's perspective.
In the wee hours of Nov. 10th , two of my clients had their water break and wake them up. Neither of them started having strong contractions right away. So we waited. We waited all day long. I talked to both of them throughout the day. Sarah (1st baby)came to the birth center to be checked. Angela (3rd baby) stayed home. I encouraged both of them to rest and suggested things to do to get labor going. I worked at the office all day, but took a nap in the afternoon.
Sarah came back to the birth center about 6 pm. She was going to try several things to get labor going- such as castor oil, herbs, breast pump, walking, etc... Angela was starting to have more contractions but still not really in labor. Then Carmen (2nd baby VBAC) called- she was a week overdue and starting to have contractions. I asked Carmen to come to the birth center. About 9 pm, I checked to see how much dilated Sarah was- 1-2 cm. Not long after that, I checked and found out Carmen was 1 cm. So when Angela called back, to tell me she was having more stronger contractions, I went to her ( She was planning a homebirth). I left Camellia (midwife) and Dena (doula) at the birth center.
Carmen called me on my way to Angela's house and told me she was going back home. I thought that was a good idea and I wasn't even sure if she was in labor. When I got to Angela, she was 4 cm and having strong regular contractions. Around midnight, Camellia called to say she was taking Sarah to the hospital. She was having unbearable, unrelenting pain and she was only 2cm. I had to trust her to do the right thing, so they went to the hospital. I stayed with Angela who was having a slow labor. Diana (midwife) and Connie (student midwife) came to help me. We helped Angela through the night.
About 4 am, Carmen called to say she was really definitely in labor. She was planning a home birth in Sugarland which was about as far from me as she could possibly be and still be in the Houston area. So I called another midwife, Sandra, in Sugarland and she went to Carmen. I also called Dena to help her. When she got there about an hour later, Carmen was 7 cm and doing very well!
I got several text messages through the night from Camellia about Sarah. She was ok- better after getting an epidural. They wouldn't let Camellia stay with Sarah so she went on home about 5 am.
All three women through the night and into the morning. All three had vaginal births! Sarah had her baby at the hospital at 9:11 am, Angela had hers at home at 9:16 am, and Carmen had hers at home at 9:54 am!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! More details on the other blog.