Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy With What I Do

June has been another busy month. A lot has happened since I last wrote. Five sweet babies so far this month- all born at home or the birth center- all required a lot of time and effort and labor to get born.
One of the most recent ones was born to a very nice couple having their first baby. I felt happy for her towards the end. I was happy that even though she was in pain and working hard, she was getting closer and closer with every contraction. I was happy that she was at the birth center in a safe place where no one would do anything to rush the situation. Even though, it took her a little longer to push than "average", I knew everything was okay. I knew no one would cut on her, or threaten her with taking her to the O.R. I was happy that she and her baby would be kept together and he would not be whisked away. Everything turned out just fine and I must say he is a very cute baby. I feel lucky to get to do something I feel good about.
I love to read and I am always reading several books and magazines simultaneously. One of my favorite things to do relax is go to the library. I just started reading a book today called, "Homebirth in the Hospital". I got it from the Houston library. I was leery of it when I picked it up. I guess I have such a biased view of birth in the hospital that I feel like it is a trick. I don't want to encourage women to go there unless they really have to. But after reading the first chapter, I was impressed that the woman doctor who wrote it is really coming from a sincere desire to make birth in the hospital better. I hope it works for the good of women everywhere. I'll write another review of the book when I finish.

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