Friday, August 24, 2007

A Good Day

I feel like I retrieved a treasure today. I asked some of my previous clients to write letters on my behalf that I could present to the Board of Nursing. They responded with so many letters that I feel overwhelmed with their confidence in me. It gives me the courage I need to stand up for myself next Tuesday at my hearing. I hope the Board of Nursing will look at these letters. They are powerful and passionate. It's what happens when women are empowered and appreciate it.

I had a good day in many ways today. Got a lot done at the office during the day and a good evening at home with my family. My boys came home from a trip to Oregon yesterday. They went to see our 2 older sons who live in Eugene. It's good to have them home and makes me realize again what a blessing it is to be a mother. We've been busy getting school clothes and supplies and getting ready for school to start. A weird thing happened when we were at Walgreens. A guy came in right behind us and robbed the store! I don't think he got much money, but he sure shook the place up. I saw him look at me when I got out of my car, and I thought he was acting kind of weird, but I didn't think that much about it, and then he came in a few minutes later and told the girl at the counter to give him all her money which she promptly did. My son and I were already down an aisle and all we heard was a lot of commotion as soon as he ran out. Never had that happen before.

I got to be part of a conference call today to help choose a new Course Coordinator for ATM. The women that have applied for the job are all incredible and makes me feel good about the future midwives in Texas. One girl we interviewed is so enthusiastic about being a midwife. She reminds me of myself 10 years ago, but she's even smarter and better. One of my clients came to see me today and then stayed at the office awhile just to talk. She is a doula. She is pregnant and her baby is due in August with her 4th baby. She is very smart. The other day, my husband was talking about one of our sons becoming an engineer and I was feeling sorry for myself because I don't have any daughters to follow in my footsteps. Today I realized I have lots of women who are kind of like my daughters who want to become midwives and doulas, and childbirth educators. There are lots of women who see value in what I do and that makes me very happy.

Camellia and Debbie and I were all at the office today. I can't help but wonder what is going to happen in the future. Will we be able to keep going after this week? I'm worried about the hearing on Tuesday. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow preparing for it.


olivia said...

Your birth center is a wonderful asset to a working class community. We need you. We are all behind you. If we lose you and or the birth center we lose a unique and empowering place for women to learn how to be strong and whole. I am praying and hoping for only the very best outcome in this situation.

Amanda said...

Jackie-You should never feel sad about not having a daughter to follow in your foot steps. Our daughters are your daughters and through them you leave a wonderful legacy.