Friday, February 4, 2011

A Touching Moment

We helped deliver a baby girl on a cold morning in January. It was her first baby and it had been a long labor and a long night. She was born at 8:05 am. We were all tired, but so happy that sweet little baby had finally been born safe and sound. Another midwife, Pat Jones came in to the room. She was there to make sure everything was ok, but now the baby was born! After things settled down a little, the father of the baby told Pat thanks for her work in helping promote natural birth and midwifery care in Houston. They had seen the Birth play that she produced last fall and it had made a big difference about the plans they made for the birth of their baby (that had just been born). We were all touched- especially Pat. It was so good for her to know that the work she had put into the production of that play had directly impacted this new family. Gratitude is something that cannot be bought, only earned.

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