Friday, May 28, 2010

My Birthday!!!

Today is my 52nd birthday! I feel so blessed by all the cards, calls, texts, and e-mails I received today. I am lucky to have so many friends and people that care about me and I thank you all.
This was a very busy day. I was up all night at the Birth Center and later helping with a home birth in the Heights for a baby born at 6:44 this morning. This is the first time I've ever delivered a baby on my own birthday! See the other blog for the birth stories of these two precious baby boys. After I was finished in the Heights, I went back to the office about 1 pm to see some of the people whose appointments I had to cancel this morning. I left the office to go home about 4pm. By then, I was pretty tired and went home to bed for awhile.
After I got up, George gave me a beautiful present of a green antique pitcher and tumbler set. I am going to make some lemonade in it tomorrow. My sons, Travis and Anson, and Travis' wife, Brenda, and George, and I went downtown to the Dessert Gallery for a birthday cake. I had a toffee cake. The weather was very hot and humid today and we had a thunder storm with some good lightening this evening. I love summer rain. It seems like summer now. When I was a kid, I always loved my birthday because I would get out of school. Now I am just happy to be alive and I am looking forward to a good year. I hope I get to sleep all night tonight.

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Evelyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jackie!!