Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Sad Week- Our Dog Died

Another thing that happened that has nothing to do with delivering babies, but a lot to do with the life of a midwife. Our little, sheltie, Pup-Pup died a few days ago and I have been so sad all week. We had only had him for a few months, but were very attached to him. He just showed up at our house last summer and we kept him. We took him to our vet to see if he had a chip so that we could find his previous owners. He didn't have a chip, but the vet told us he had heart worms. We had him treated- which was kind of expensive- and we thought he was going to be ok.
A few nights ago, he started coughing and having trouble breathing. We knew he was going to die. He struggled to breathe all night and died early the next morning. The vet had warned us that might happen, but we had started thinking he was going to be ok.
The death of a pet or anyone in your family is very sad and that is how I have been feeling this past week.

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Me and My Boys said...

I'm so sorry - I had no idea. Guess it is a good thing, b/c if I had brought it up, you probably wouldn't have wanted to be reminded of it at the office.