Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Birth Story from 19 years ago

Today is my son, Bonham's 19th birthday. He is my 4th son and my 2nd homebirth Even after all these years, I still remember and relive all the things that happened on the day of his birth. Maybe some of you have seen the birth pictures I have in a framed picture at the office. He is the one that is born in that picture. I don't have it hung up anywhere because I have always been afraid it would be embarrassing to him. They are pretty graphic pictures. Here is a short summary of my birth story with him.
I was 2 weeks overdue (it wasn't such a big deal to be 2 weeks over in 1990). I went to church that morning and felt uncomfortable, but not in labor. That afternoon, about 4 pm, I was laying on the couch taking a nap, and I felt my water start leaking. It gradually flowed out but it was several hours before I started having any contractions. Once contractions started, about 8 pm, it got going strong. My midwife came over about 11pm. I was working for her as an assistant at the time. By the time she got there, I couldn't talk much. I was in deep labor. It was completely normal with no problems. Contractions just got stronger and stronger and then I had an urge to push, and shortly, he was born. I ended up on the floor kneeling up against my bed. He was born at 12:45 am. My husband really thought it was a girl, but it wasn't. I was delighted with him from the moment I saw him. He was my biggest baby (9lb10oz), but the easiest one to get out. That proved to me that the baby being in a good position is the most important thing about how they come out. I had a friend there (MiMi Sellers) who took lots of pictures and then later, I made them into a collage.
So today, 19 years later, he wanted to go to Hermann Park and go walking and he wanted a pumpkin pie. So that is what we did. Thanks to all of you who are close to having your babies for letting me have a good day with my son.

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contentmom said...

What a nice birthday present request -- a walk in the park. There's nothing like fresh air and God's beauty to make you appreciate being a year older and a mother that is as wise as you. I'm touched! Wouldnt most of us request an iPod or something? :)